Mona Takes the Mountains [pt.3]

The coolest part of this trip so far has most definitely been the snow activities. 1. Skiing I originally decided that I was not going to ski on this trip and snowboard instead because I heard that skiing is dangerous and very difficult to do. After speaking to the experts at Echo Mountain I learned…

Mona Takes the Mountains [Pt.2]

By now you should all know that one of my favorite things in the world to do is EAT! Today started off perfectly with breakfast in the cabin. There was a huge spread of breakfast cooked by my friends. They were so many options ranging from grits to oatmeal and turkey sausage to pork bacon….

Mona Takes the Mountains

My first adventure of 2019 is being spent with some of my favorite people in Colorado! This is my first ski trip and journey to the mountains. For some reason I felt a tad bit of anxiety and fear about this trip but decided that fun was more important than giving in to my fears….

Six Month Celebration!

Shots! On March 28th Asher reached his six month milestone! Asher was in great spirits! He received to shots and cried for just a moment. After the initial shock he was back to smiling brightly. City Park Asher enjoyed a nice afternoon walk in City Park. This was his first time ever visiting a park….

Food and Fun

This past month Asher tried his first FOUR foods and traveled to TWO different cities! Take a look at how much of a blast he had on such grand adventures! Good Eats This is the very first baby food tried! Mom made sweet potatoes and Asher really enjoyed them but they made him terribly gassy…

Resurgence of Mona

My son was three months old and I still didn’t feel like myself. My contact with the outside world was almost non existent. The last time I saw any of my friends was prior to giving birth and even my interaction with family had become super limited. I didn’t want to talk to people; I…

Under the Sea

Audubon Aquarium of the America’s My newest adventure took me back to the city. Thats right, my parents took me to downtown New Orleans! More specifically , the Audubon Aquarium of the America’s. MY FAVORITE FISH WERE THE PACU. The Tunnel I was absolutely mesmerized by the abundance of fish and lights in this tunnel….