Just Do It

30 years of the Just Do It Campaign and this is the first time the athlete selected as the face has caused such an uproar.

Colin Kaepernick has been black balled and jobless for years. All because he chose to stand up and fight for what he believed in , for justice and the rights of himself and his people. For all the black men and women being killed by police officers with no justice for their lives being served.

After a long fight, there seems to finally be some sort of progress. A light finally shining in the darkness.

There are people that are very angry about this progress , very much filled with hate and showing so violently.

Yet still, the NFL has now decided that it is important to show some attention to what this man has been fighting for.

Diligence and faithfulness are the way to accomplish whatever your goal is, even when times get tough , when it looks like it is impossible to achieve your goal. In a BEAUTIFUL moment , you will see your passion make progress. If there is something you truly believe in or really feel is worth fighting for , don’t question yourself! Don’t give up on yourself! Don’t worry about what others think, JUST DO IT.