In Between

When I first cut my natural hair it was so short that a wash and go was literally just that. I wasn’t required to do anything other than brush my hair when wet and put product in it. Now that I have a little growth things have gotten A LOT more complicated.

I’m at the “in between” stage . My hair is too long to not get tangled during a wash and go but not long enough for a quick pony tail. I really needed a break from the wigs and weaves so I decided to just try and work with my natural hair.

My goal last week was to figure out a quick style just to make it through the week. I settled on the most adorable style . Two mini puffs in the front and my big one in the back.

This was an awesome short term hair style that lasted me for about a week. My hair is naturally dry and because of the cold weather I did decide to braid it back up under some extensions for now but I really enjoyed rocking this style. It was super convenient for the awkward , “in between” stage my hair is now in .

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