Mona Takes the Mountains [Pt.2]

By now you should all know that one of my favorite things in the world to do is EAT! Today started off perfectly with breakfast in the cabin. There was a huge spread of breakfast cooked by my friends. They were so many options ranging from grits to oatmeal and turkey sausage to pork bacon. Breakfast was paired with mimosas and coffee. The dining area was so open , surrounded with big bay windows. Accompanied by soft music and laughter from friends , this was a completely amazing experience.

After a long day of skiing we were all extremely hungry and decide to dine at Prime , which we were told by locals was an excellent restaurant. According to yelp, it was the number two restaurant in the city of Evergreen. I ordered the surf and turf which included lobster, sirloin steak, and a baked potato. The baked potato was exactly what you’d expect a loaded baked potato to be. One of my favorite things in the world to eat is steak. I must admit I was somewhat disappointed by how tough my medium well sirloin was although it was very well seasoned. The other members of my party did not have the same issue. On the other hand, the lobster was so tender as well as being seasoned to perfection.

The house that we rented was absolutely gorgeous and came equipped with a patio , grill, and fire pit. Because of this, we decided to throw a barbecue.

I helped the guys on the grill while the rest of the ladies cooked in the kitchen. We literally grilled in the snow! This was the most incredible food and fellowship.

I truly enjoyed the food in Colorado but I must admit that majority of the credit is due to the cooking skills of my friends .

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