Wash Day

I love collecting moments .

More specifically, beautiful moments .

The following topic isn’t the most beautiful one;


All my natural girls understand where I’m coming from. This is the day that I take off my wig or weave, undo my braids underneath and allow my hair to be FREE.

The moment that I finish taking those braids down I feel a sense of relief …. but each wash day I am reminded that this is only the beginning.

Next I must comb out my fro which is sometimes dry , or tangled . This isn’t a very fun task and it is extremely time consuming. Eventually, this does come to an end and into the shower I go.

Washing my hair is never really a struggle . And if it were summer time I would probably stick to two washes and simply condition, oil , and moisturize my hair and wear it out until I’m ready for another protective styling.

Until hear miser shows up again….

I am required to style my hair each and every time . Lately I’ve just been giving myself corn rows.

I hate wash day.

But clean healthy hair is more than just a moment, it’s a BEAUTIFUL one.

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