Forever Natural

A little over ten months ago , two weeks before starting this blog , I had a bad day.

A day so bad that I came home from work , walked into my bathroom , and cut off my hair.

I went natural.

For a moment I regretted this decision. I felt crazy, looked even more crazy. But eventually I decided to embrace it because this was my hair now , my crown.

I’ve rocked wigs , weaves , braids , my fro , twist outs , and coils and have had fun with every style.

I told myself that after one year into this journey I would get my hair straightened for a length check.

I didn’t quite make it , after 10 months I have done my first check. Not because I necessarily wanted to . I’m getting braids again and I have been told that smoothing natural hair before helps them to look better and last longer so I gave it a try.

Now I know that shrinkage is real , I have witnessed the power of shrinkage when smoothing out other people’s hair but never expected this on myself. I knew my hair would stretch out but this is a huge difference!

When I was younger I always had so much hair. It was always long and thick. The older I got , the more I played in it, the more breakage I had. And after cosmetology school, I became scissor happy. I cut my hair ever time I felt like. So I haven’t seen this much length on myself in years.

I wasn’t sure if being natural was for me but now I am sure. My hair is healthier and is growing much faster without the creamy crack also known as relaxer and is much thicker, almost how it use to be.

That bad day has turned out to be one of the best ones I’ve ever had.

I will happily be FOREVER NATURAL.

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