POC can stand for many things but in my friend group it simply means one , Port of Call.

It is an intimate dining spot/ bar in downtown New Orleans.

Port of Call is one of the best burger places in the city of New Orleans . It may also be one of the dirtiest (never ever use the bathrooms) but clearly that’s been over looked by myself and many other New Orleanians.

Of course, the wellness of your burger is determined by you as the meat and all the toppings are fresh ingredients. You can add cheese, mushrooms, or both to each burger . The burger you receive will be huge , filling, and so very tasty.

One of the things that makes POC so unique is the fact that their very large burger is served with a side of the softest baked potato you’ve ever experienced in your life. You can customize it with cheese, mushrooms , bacon , butter, sour cream , or chives to pretty much create the perfect baked potato.

The one other thing that POC does just as well as their food are their alcoholic beverages , specifically the monsoon. What is in this drink? I have no idea! It is tequila based and very fruity but the recipe is a secret. Although it’s very fruity, it’s also a really strong drink. One you should certainly be careful with. This drink has given my friends and I some very fun nights out on the town.

We attend POC for breaks ups, engagements , promotions , before a night out , and just because. Port of Call is more than just a restaurant to me , it has been the center of my friendships.

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