Everyone has a calling on their life but ever since I was a child I was told that mine was special , no one ever said exactly what it was.

So I’ve been searching for purpose.

Sunday Morning , not only did God reveal to me exactly what this was but he confirmed it through my father in service.

Then Sunday night I attended a Jonathan McReynolds concert and I left feeling … changed. Of all the words in the world, that’s the only way I can describe it.

Still I wondered how do I get where I need to be.

I woke up 2 hours ago with extreme anxiety . I could not rest so I sat still until I heard from God.

Then I prayed and I worshipped him.

And that’s how I’ll get there. By sitting still , hearing from him, talking to him , worshipping him, and following direction.

In the words of Jonathan McReynolds, I have to make a sincere effort to be all that he’s called me to be.

One day I will get there.

I will graduate.

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