Royal Eat’s

On the corner of St Claude and Elysian Fields is a little poboy shop called Gene’s.

It’s a small , little “hole in the wall” that produces magnificent meals, as these normally do.

I am not a huge fan of poboy’s personally but when I have a craving for a hot sausage with cheese , I always want Gene’s.

In my opinion , These are the greatest poboy’s in towns.

Always fresh, always timely, always tasty, it doesn’t get better.

Rumor has it that every time the Queen is in town , she stops by to enjoy one.

Bey’s stamp of approval makes this place a ROYAL EAT.

It is my sincere hope that whoever purchases this shop ,which is now on the market for $5 million dollars , leaves everything just as it is; that we may continue enjoying beautiful moments at this historic establishment rather than reminiscing on how good Gene’s “use to be”.

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