Lover of Love

I am a lover of love. As a little girl, I always pictured my life as a mother and a wife, I was a natural nurturer. As I approached teenage years I just knew that I would marry young, I wanted to give all the love in my heart to a family of my own.

Although that is not the life I was destined to have, I have still found ways to spread love and channel my nurturing nature. To my family , my siblings, my sweet puppy Cinnamon, and those in my community.

On this day dedicated to love, it would only be right for me to continue to pollinate this world with love and care. So I have decided that 15% of all of this weeks sales will be donated to the charity called No Kid Hungry.

There are a few reasons why I chose to began this initiative. First of all, most people feel generous during the holidays and donate to charities more frequently than usual. Afterwards these organizations are forgotten about and often times struggle throughout the year.

This pandemic has affected us all but more than anyone it has affected our children. In an initiative to make things just a little easier for our kids and their parents, 15% off all sales this week will be donated to No Kid Hungry which is a charity based right here in my home town of New Orleans. You can also click the donate button to be apart of Mona’s Moments donation and visit the website below to see more about or donate directly to No Kid Hungry,

No Kid Hungry

Join Us as we Pollinate our Community!

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