My grandpa was clearly an amazing man, a pillar in his community , a help to anyone in need, a veteran , a Bishop, and proud father but to me he was simply Paw Paw Bishop.

Paw Paw Bishop was full of love and play.

I looked forward to going to his house after school each day just to bounce on his belly, enjoy cooking competitions with he and grandma Barbara, and split our babe Ruth’s and Barq’s root beers.

I specifically remember one Thanksgiving that he came to visit us in Georgia. I suggested that we play Monopoly and grandpa said he wanted to play too. My cousins and I thought we were going to beat him but boy were we wrong. This simple board game turned into hours of him buying every piece of property on the board and dominating the game. All while he gave us his little chuckle.

He was never too busy , never too tired , and never out of love and laughs .

Proverbs 13:22 says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.

Paw Paw Bishop was not a rich man according to the worlds standards , but he was wealthy in life experience, faith in God, genuine love, and wisdom . His children , grand children , great grandchildren, and his community have inherited his wealth , his legacy will live on forever.

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