Three years of collecting , I’m honestly amazed. Commitment has never been my strong suit. Sticking to something as simple as a hair style or as major as a career have been difficult for me.

But this blog , these moments, they’ve honestly kept me . They’ve driven me . Not only have I truly committed to collecting but I have truly committed to growth on this journey and bringing others along with me.

It hasn’t been easy to commit to collecting . I’ve learned to be open in an entirely new way. I realized that the picture painted doesn’t always have to be pretty. I’ve grown to understand just how much my trials can help someone else. I’ve learned to be real, I’ve learned to be obedient.

The most important lesson I learned is that just because a moment doesn’t look beautiful right then and there does not mean it isn’t worth collecting.

Looking back at some of the darkest moments and seeing the progress and transformation made has been so beautiful and inspiring to myself and pushed me to keep going.

There have been times when I felt that I gave too much of myself to this. That I shared to dark or too deep and out of the blue someone will reach out and say “hey , I felt that too and thought no one understood, this means a lot to me”. Being reminded that this is for a purpose bigger than me at times is a comfort and driving force.

To all the collectors that continue to support, thank you for allowing me to share my life’s most beautiful and significant moments with you. For every like, share, view , I thank you. I would’ve signed off a long time ago if it weren’t you.

As I shared with you all I am entering into a new stage of my personal life , mother hood. I know that the way I collect may forcibly shift and change which caused me to contemplate signing off once again but I’ve realized that I’m just not ready to give up on my first baby yet; I am still committed to collecting.

Commit to the things that matter. Commit to the things that are for you. Commit to being your best you. Commit to the moments, good and bad, happy or sad. Commit to learning from year 3 and growing further in year 4. Commit to collecting.

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