The Father

God, the father , loved us so much that he gave his only begotten son.

We grew up learning this whether we went to church every Sunday or showed up a few times a year for Sunday school. But have you ever truly thought about the significance of that ?

God in three persons , the father , the son , and the Holy Ghost. This means giving his only begotten son for us is more than sacrificing the life of his son , but he sacrificed an actual piece of himself for our salvation. Upon realizing this I was amazed and found it hard to comprehend the magnitude of this selfless sacrifice .

Then I understood that this happens on a much smaller scale everyday. Our earthly fathers, grandfathers, and father figures have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice pieces of themselves everyday for the well being of their children.

The unconditional love that I’ve witnessed from the men in my life is only a small reflection of who God has chosen to be even tho we could never deserve it.

I’ve heard stories about my grandfathers giving of themselves for their households and communities.

I’ve watched my dad work two jobs , march in parades to be with my brother on a bad foot , and put several others in his community above himself.

It is because of their sacrifice that we have the ability to grow and become the people we are today.

To both of my grandfathers that now reside in heaven , you are sorely missed.

To my daddy , thank you for all of the beautiful moments that we share. I will always be your daddy’s girl .

To my sons father , I pray that you allow God to guide you through this new journey of Fatherhood.

On this day dedicated to the men of our lives , let’s not forget to acknowledge THEE man that’s sacrifice is greater than them all, our Heavenly Father.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Robert Mayfield says:

    This is an absolutely phenomenal written piece! It warms my heart that your perspective is so spot-on beyond your years. Please keep writing and sharing! Love you so much!❤


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