Food and Fun

This past month Asher tried his first FOUR foods and traveled to TWO different cities! Take a look at how much of a blast he had on such grand adventures!

Good Eats

This is the very first baby food tried! Mom made sweet potatoes and Asher really enjoyed them but they made him terribly gassy and fussy at night.

Squash was probably Asher’s least favorite food. He enjoyed it the first day but would literally cry when it was time to eat it every time afterwards .

Carrots were just as tasty as Sweet Potatoes but didn’t cause gas and fussiness at night! This food was a much better alternative.

Apples are a food that made Asher excited and happy like no other had! This is absolutely his favorite treat!

Travel Fun

Asher spent some quality time with his aunty Jazzie that moved away for school.

Here Asher was able to visit Gigi! Finally sweet kisses and cues were no longer limited to facetime , but the two were able to enjoy plenty of cuddles and kisses in person.

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