Six Month Celebration!


On March 28th Asher reached his six month milestone! Asher was in great spirits! He received to shots and cried for just a moment. After the initial shock he was back to smiling brightly.

City Park

Asher enjoyed a nice afternoon walk in City Park. This was his first time ever visiting a park.

Lunch with Parents

Asher went to lunch with mom and dad at New Orleans Food and Spirits. Although he could not enjoy the oysters, he was absolutely mesmerized by their water fall.

Pandora Snow Ball

Asher was allowed to have a snowball as his six month treat! This sugar fee strawberry snowball was his favorite color , red. In addition to enjoying this refreshing snack, Asher really enjoyed running his nails on the styrofoam cup.

Photo Shoot

Asher took pictures to document this stage in his life as well as family photos.

Audubon Zoo

To end the week off, Asher took his first trip to the zoo! His favorite animals were the Gorilla’s , Peacocks, and Flamingo’s!

Asher’s week was full of adventure. These moments will be shared with him in the years to come!

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