27 ✨

This last year of life has been so different than anything I ever thought it would be.

Since my last birthday I had a child, left the workforce , moved to a new city and went back to school with a career path I never previously considered.

Obviously these are all major changes and I’ve had to relearn who I am in this new season of life.

I realized just how much of myself I allowed other people to have access to and decided that I no longer wanted to give so much of me away.

I have to tell you , I love it here.

My son is the reason I re evaluated my priorities, he is truly my main focus. I knew that becoming a mom would change a lot but I had no idea how much it would impact EVERYTHING.

Although motherhood is not as cute as the instagram post of mine – it is by far the greatest experience of my life.

I’m so thankful to everyone in my life that has contributed positively in whatever ways to this new season. I am looking forward to another year of growth as a woman, mother , daughter, sister, friend, business woman, student and any new roles or titles I will assume.

As always, I’ll be collecting ,



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