Round of Applause

As a new mom, over the last year I have become excited over every developmental milestone my son has reached. Watching Asher grow has been pretty amazing honestly. The downfall to this are the times when he hasn’t hit a milestone in the time frame that has been laid out because I instantly become nervous.

For example, clapping is typically a skill that babies obtain around the age of 9 months. At Asher’s one year old appointment he was still not clapping. I was concerned and inquired with his doctor about this. I was assured that Asher’s other obtained skills proved that he was not behind and it was suggested that maybe he just wasn’t interested in clapping.

This afternoon the two of us were in the car and Ashy had a lot to babble about. I glanced back at him and to my surprise, Asher was clapping! Seeing him clap excited me and I exclaimed “yay!“ causing him to become more excited and continue clapping, it was more like a round of applause . This was the highlight of my entire day.

I am sharing this to say new moms, don’t freak out over every little thing. There are milestones and growth charts but our babies will develop at their own pace and in their own time. Don’t compare your baby to other children but rather allow yourself to just enjoy watching them grow and develop. And when they learn to do something new or reach a new milestone , reward them with a round of applause.

Asher Clapping

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