No greater love

For years I would hear friends and associates talk about how I could never understand what this love felt like until I became a mother. I was sometimes offended by this statement believing that I understood unconditional love. I am the oldest of four and have taken care of my siblings, I love my parents , my fiancé , have been there for my friends kids and even worked with small children. I thought there was no way possible I couldn’t understand.

In the last year I have learned that statement is absolutely true. As much as I love my family and the children I have cared for , nothing compares to the way I feel about my own son. He is loud and busy, happy and whiny , sweet and sour , and perfect to me.

Ten minutes prior to writing this my son was screaming his head off but as I watch him sleep in my arms I am reminded of how blessed I am. Asher is the most amazing gift God could have ever given me.

I am beyond grateful for my ENTIRE family and all the love they show but I am especially grateful for the family I’ve found in Austin and Asher. There is truly no greater love than this.


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