Building Relationship



These virtues are the basis for choosing to accept rather than understand God’s timing.

This is where I fail every time.

FULL DISCLOSURE, Lately I’ve had a hard time trusting in God.

Writing that feels ludicrous but it is my truth. Why is it hard for me?

I am an over analyst.

I like to understand the end game. I like for things to add up or make sense.

A God-thing doesn’t always make sense to the natural eye.

This is why that TRUST is so important- because I have to trust that God will do what he promised in order to patiently wait.

One does not work without the other. So how do I get there?


This takes time, and diligence . It’s no different than the effort spent getting to know my husband or friends. Pressure must be applied. But what does this look like with God?

Reading the Bible, meditating , fasting , and praying.

Sometimes you may have to just lay on your face and ….WAIT to hear from that still, small voice.

Most times you won’t hear anything but remain consistent. In time as the trust increases , patience becomes easier and the relationship has no choice but to strengthen and grow.


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  1. Robert Mayfield says:

    Awesome and authentic as usual. Keep sharing your thoughts and helping people.


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