I am currently a student.

I am someone who has changed my major and life plans approximately four to five times.

I gave up the idea of ever earning a degree because I just couldn’t figure out what it was that I truly wanted to do.

I had a baby and clicked , I finally figured out what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there. (I know , the most insane timing)

When my son was just three months old I decided to go back to school and have participated in every semester since including a MayMester.

A year and a half into this journey I can say this has not been easy. Being a stay at home mom and a student requires excellent time management.

So in addition to choosing between eating, sleeping, and cleaning , I have to put school on the docket for choosing , as well as the chopping block.

My child is my priority so there are some weeks when school gets pushed to the back burner if he’s having a rough week or transition period. Some weeks I literally don’t have the energy for both so mommy duties come first.

I have ended up rushing to turn things in at the last minute quite a few times because of this.

The most recent incident being writing and submitting a 5 page paper in just 45 minutes. This is normally a task that would take me about 2-3 hours.

My instructor emailed me saying she wanted to google meet, so I obliged.

In this meeting she berated my paper and instead of judging me solely on that work and grading it as is, she said to me this does not measure up to the student you’ve proven to be , tell me what’s going on with you.

In all of my college experiences I’ve never had one instructor to ask me what was going on with me or notice that I hadn’t measured up to my previous standards.

Not only did she ask but she said to me because of who you’ve shown me to be I will give you two options : you can take a 70% on this paper and end this course with an 85% or I will give you twenty four hours to RE-DO this paper and resubmit it to me to be graded.

I quickly understood the magnitude of this. I was being granted grace, I was being given a RE-DO that I quite frankly did not deserve. So I took it because twenty four hours was eight times more time than I needed to be successful.

The next day I let Asher do literally anything except harm himself so that he was happy and I could focus. When I finished that paper I knew that it was a quality work , something I could be proud of , it was everything I should’ve submitted the first time – and it scored a 99%!

Merriam-Webster defines Grace as unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification. God loves me so much that he knew I needed someone to take a moment to shine a light on the abilities he’s given me , remind me of who I am , and bestow grace upon me!

It is not often in life that we are granted second chances. I am so thankful for the RE-DO!


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