Super Woman

As a little girl, I viewed my mom as super woman. To me she was the smartest , the prettiest, and greatest mom in the world.

I watched my mom go through and complete graduate school as a single mom of two little girls. Even now I have no clue how she managed, but she did.

When I was in middle school, my mom sat me down and showed me her salary . Then she showed me her monthly bills. She taught me how to create a budget and showed me how to pay bills and write checks. This became something she would do with me regularly. I had no idea then how valuable this information would be and now as an adult I’ve learned how rare it is that parents actually teach this to their children.

Now that I’ve entered into motherhood myself the bond I have with my mother has blossomed in a complete and total new way. My mom has truly become my best friend, confidant, and advisor. I view her as the blueprint of the kind of woman and mother I want to be.

I realized that I didn’t view my mom as a superhero because I was a kid, I viewed her that way because she’s truly superwoman.

With every accomplishment, big or small, she is my biggest supporter.

With every mistake , she corrects me and offers guidance and assistance along the way.

Today, and everyday, Happy Mother’s Day to the lady that is still the prettiest , the smartest , and greatest mother and grandmother in the world!

You are loved. You are appreciated.


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