Building Momentum Vlog Series

Episode 7

Momento’s 1. Faith is the strong belief or confidence in God without physical proof. This means you must believe before you ever see the fruits of your labor. 2. No one will Believe in your vision if you don’t first have faith in yourself and in God to bring you to the next level 3….

Episode 6

Build Momento’s 1. To build anything takes time , finances, hard labor , and faith. 2. In order to build in your life , the previous tools we have discussed must be applied . 3. Build your legacy, make your mark with your business, relationships, and with your growth in the spirit realm. Continue to…

Episode 5

Develop Momento’s 1. Grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate. 2. Developing into who you’re called to be and continuing to increase into the best version of that is God’s plan for our lives. 3. Yes , it’s still him working on you , through you! Continue to collect ,…

Episode 4

Connect “Momento’s” 1. Connecting to your audience is a learning process for both you and the audience. 2. Produce content and brand in the way their audience responds too. 3. Be yourself .

Episode 3

Endurance Momento’s ” Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” Psalms 30:5 2. Your drive, your endurance can only be determined by you. 3. Making the decision to be determined in spite of is what pushes you to the next level.

Episode 2

Consistency Momento’s Statistics show that it takes most blogs about 7 years to really take off It is very important for your audience to know your rhythm, your pattern , when you will be posting. Any breach from the routine and pattern established with your following will affect your views. 

Episode 1

Vision Momento’s Once you’ve been given a vision don’t run from it, run into it Release the fear of how it will be done ; when God gives vision he also provides provision Vision without Faith is dead Continue to collect, create, pollinate beautiful moments as we BUILD momentum in our lives and businesses.

Building Momentum

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed the decrease in blog pieces over the last two months. This has not been in vain! I am very excited to announce the launch of my new vlog series titled Building Momentum which will be airing via you tube the first Monday of every month. Tomorrow , January 11,…

Coming Soon…

New Vlog Series, Building Momentum launching January 2021! Are you ready?

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