At the time in which we’ve opted to be operated on , it is because something isn’t right . Something needs to be fixed , a piece of us is broken. We are given a synopsis of what should take place , how things should go , what we should do to take care of…

The Father

God, the father , loved us so much that he gave his only begotten son. We grew up learning this whether we went to church every Sunday or showed up a few times a year for Sunday school. But have you ever truly thought about the significance of that ? God in three persons ,…

Ebony SHE

She has carried the country on her back. Nursing the children. Feeding the household. Satisfying the men. She sacrificed to make this world a better place. Refused to give up her seat. Supported her husbands efforts in the civil rights movement. Fought for Women’s Suffrage. She has moved the nation forward. Becoming the most educated….


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