Falling in love

I thought the most beautiful moments were experiencing your growth inside of my belly, hearing your heart beat , seeing you in form of ultrasound and sharing that you were coming with the world.

I’ve learned that as beautiful as those experiences were , nothing compares to falling in love with you more and more each day. It’s impossible not to when starting each morning with your smile , hearing you laugh or screech to the top of your lungs, your warm embrace , sweet slobbery kisses and absolutely nothing is more beautiful than your sweet almond eyes.

You made me a momma. The title that I hold dearest to my heart. You have no idea how grateful I am for you. Baby boy you came into my life during a time of great loss and grief and lit up my entire world. You may need me on a day to day, but mommy needed you.

Asher, you have added purpose to my life. You are my inspiration to be my best self. I wish I knew how to put in the form of words just how much I love you; to share with you exactly what is in my heart. I pray that my actions show it ; that you feel wrapped in love everyday.

Thank you for blessing me with you.

Happy 1st birthday.

I love you son.

– momma


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